Enhancing the Collaborative Capacity in Energy Project Development


Enhancing the Collaborative Capacity in Energy Project Development


Research Question

How to ascertain best-practices in the intersection of energy development and local communities?


This project seeks to expand the University of Wyoming’s ability to enhance collaborative capacity building regarding oil and gas issues through collaboration with the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources’ Ruckelshaus Institute and the Center for Global Studies.

Methods Used

Assess community and energy company concerns prior to development, in order to develop projects with greater stakeholder support around the globe.


More solutions are possible than are normally explored in energy development and community interactions, which can support the avoidance of environmental impacts, support community integrity and optimize company benefits. This type of assessment would be useful if applied at a global scale. The four ways the project can enhance collaborative capacity regarding oil and gas issues are: 1) By using social psychological methods such as Q-methodology to conduct stakeholder assessments regarding existing and future oil and gas projects to explore the conditions under which these projects can best benefit communities, corporations and the environment. 2) By using the adaptive leadership syllabus in our Collaboration Program for Natural Resources to train oil and gas, governmental, community, land owner and conservation stakeholders in collaborative problem solving methods. 3) By using policy analysis to explore and reveal the intersection of energy development and communities, both local governments in the developed and developing world, to facilitate decision-making and implementation of mitigation efforts. 4) Better understand the benefits associated with collaboration in the energy context as it relates to a reduction in legal conflicts or a better outcome from administrative or judicial proceedings.

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Enhancing the Collaborative Capacity in Energy Project Development


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