Memory of Genocide to Building Reconciliation in Cambodia


Memory of Genocide to Building Reconciliation in Cambodia


Research Question

What is the role of exhibition and historical memory in promoting reconciliation at the cultural, rather than judicial, level?


An interdisciplinary and international project, the research will explore situations in Cambodia, South Africa, Rwanda, and Namibia to understand, represent, reconcile and look to prevent complex human emergencies. Furthermore, the project will also bring knowledge of Cambodian culture to Wyoming by, first, organizing an exhibition of material related to Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage and violent political history, second, hosting scholars and museum personnel from Cambodia at UW, and, third, provide an opportunity to involve UW students with an international exchange opportunity and the development of new curriculum in Museum Studies, History, and International Studies.

Methods Used

Uses a comparative study to investigate the complex process of cultural rebuilding and reconciliation beyond the legal mechanisms of reconciliation.


In the latest stage of their ongoing work on museums and cultural heritage in Cambodia, Ms. Crawford and Dr. Helfgott (each supported in 2014 with a CGS research award) hosted Mr. Pechet Men, Assistant Director of the Museum of Memory in Phnom Penh, from April to July 2015, in order to exchange knowledge about museum practice. Mr. Pechet Men holds an MA in International Development Studies from Chulalomgkorn University, Bangkok and a BA in Tourism from the National University of Management, Cambodia. He split his time at UW between the UW Art Museum, where he worked on exhibition development and research, and the American Heritage Center, working with various departments on archival methods and preservation. He also engaged with students who are traveling to Cambodia in January 2016 as part of a study abroad course. This project was part of the “What in the World?” Outreach Presentations in summer 2015.

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Memory of Genocide to Building Reconciliation in Cambodia


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