Australia from Camelback


Australia from Camelback


Research Question

How metalsmiths/artists respond to natural habitat, land use issues, and Aboriginal history through a body of individual and/or collaborative art works following a week-long camel trek in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges.


CGS Research Excellence Award


This collaborative project in the South Australian Flinders Ranges facilitates the interaction within a group of professional metalsmithing artists and students to document flora and fauna through drawing, photography and video during a one-week research-based camel trek. The goals are two-fold: each artist will be making artwork in response to the observed flora and fauna—specifically to address issues of land use, native vs. introduced species, history, etc.—to be exhibited in venues across Australia. Additionally, the bond formed through such a close-contact experience will foster much dialogue about artistic philosophies, creative inquiry and diverse cultural approaches to art making. The larger context for the camel trek is that of interfacing with Art and Design faculty, students and community-based professional metalsmithing artists in the Adelaide environs over a 3-month period while being hosted by the University of South Australia February-April 2017 as a visiting artist.

Methods Used

Quantitatively, the resulting work from artists involved in the “Australia From Camel Back” project will render an estimated 25-30 works to comprise an intimate theme-based exhibition. Personally I will complete 2-3 works for this project (beyond the body of work made as a Visiting Artist at the University of South Australia). Qualitatively, both my work and the work done by others in response to the field research will be conceptually based yielding artwork ranging from strictly documentary to that, which addresses issues of land management, conservation, biodiversity or native-vs-introduced species.


The work from artists, including myself, participating in “Australia From Camel Back” will be exhibited in Australian galleries. Venues in the U.S., New Zealand and Europe will be sought for both projects after completion of the project. It is important to note that most museums and galleries plan exhibitions at least two years in advance from the time of an accepted proposal, so exhibitions would be scheduled well into 2019 for this project. Proposals will be submitted to potential exhibition venues in Australia, Europe and the U.S. and to pertinent American periodicals such as Metalsmith and Ornament to publish articles covering the “Australia From Camel Back” project. Additionally, I intend to lay groundwork for a potential student and/or faculty exchange between the University of South Australia and the University of Wyoming.

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Australia from Camelback


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