Horse Art and Culture Exploration (Hungary, China, Mongolia, and Wyoming)


Horse Art and Culture Exploration (Hungary, China, Mongolia, and Wyoming)


Research Question

The larger arc of the research will place my own equine imagery within a larger historic and contemporary context. In New Zealand, Leah Hardy and I will collaborate and produce an image or printed work using the serigraph studio at Blue Bathtub Press.


CGS Research Excellence Award


This will be a continuation of studio practice that most recently has focused on the interaction of horse and human through drawing and a variety of drawing-based printmaking processes. The Blue Bathtub project may take a “side path” through the collaboration with artist (metal smith), Leah Hardy. Undoubtedly, the work will engage in metaphorical use of animal, plant and land imagery that is at the intersection of our work. Although more closely allied in media and materials to my on-going work, silkscreen is less familiar for both Leah and I and will encourage compromise and a technical collaborative discussion that parallels the interaction and discussion surrounding the conceptual direction of the project.

Methods Used

Collaboration of ideas and physical studio work, collecting materials and images, with the final goal of fabricating an image or object with serigraphic processes will dictate the month-long project. Travel to parks as well as cultivated environments near Blue Bathtub Press will provide empirical information and the opportunity to collect visual materials that will direct and inform our collaboration. Technically we will be using printmaking processes, most likely serigraphy (silkscreen), which is the strength of the Blue Bathtub facilities. Like other printmaking methods, they can create unique or variable images as well as produce editions and specifically serigraphy can easily place images through drawing or photographic processes on a variety of materials other than paper. In addition to establishing content, a discussion of producing an image or object will certainly be part of the collaborative process for Leah and I. We may produce a small body of work or suite of images within the month. We will also exhibit existing work in a two-person exhibition during the residency.


The resulting work or works will be exhibited in New Zealand and in the U.S. as a collaboration and the intersection of ideas, working processes and technical methods will inform both Leah’s and Mark’s independent studio practice and future bodies of exhibited works.

Portion of larger sabbatical plans, and plans leading to sabbatical semester, that include: Horse Art Residency, Hungary / accompanying Wyoming BLM grazing project – Red Desert, WY / Lightning Ridge Artist Residency, Lightning Ridge, AU / China – Mongolia visiting artist and horse culture exploration

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Horse Art and Culture Exploration (Hungary, China, Mongolia, and Wyoming)


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