International Investment Summer Internship in Madrid, Spain


International Investment Summer Internship in Madrid, Spain


Research Question

As a rapidly growing regional financial hub, Madrid is an ideal location for networking with other key players in southern Europe’s financial sector. This program offers the opportunity to gain not only practical international work experience, but also a new perspective on business practices and regulations.


Christopher and Michelle Spear Award for the Center for Global Studies


This internship program provides hands-on experience in an international business environment. Placement ranges from investment banks to private equity funds and venture capital firms.

Methods Used

As a summer intern, Fitzchowan’s responsibilities will include industry and economic analysis, evaluating merger and acquisition opportunities, budgeting, risk assessment, and assisting with portfolio management.


In today’s global economy, international work experience is critical to jump starting a career in international business. The new environment will assist me in developing my ability to adapt to the unfamiliar both in a professional and personal setting. Additionally, I hope to increase my understanding of how textbook and classroom content applies in real world situations beyond the borders of the University of Wyoming campus. This internship program in the finance sector of Madrid, Spain will provide me with a new way of thinking that, in turn, will bring me closer to my academic and career goals.

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International Investment Summer Internship in Madrid, Spain


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