Environmental Public Policy on Indonesian Coastlines


Environmental Public Policy on Indonesian Coastlines


Research Question

Why does dynamite fishing still occur in marine protected areas? How does type of governance influence outcomes in public participation, policy, and biodiversity? Do small business owners, who indirectly benefit from coal reefs, correlate a healthy reef with their level of income?


CGS International Internship/Fieldwork Grant


Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with a decentralized democratic government structure. Indonesian law recognizes marine protected areas and their functions to protect marine biodiversity and maintain sustainable utilization of marine resources, especially for marine capture fisheries. However, there are still reports of illegal fishing in the designated marine protected area of Wakatobi National Park. According to World Wild Fund-Indonesia, Wakatobi National Park is the third largest marine park in Indonesia with high levels of biodiversity, which ranks Wakatobi as one of the highest priorities in marine conservation in Indonesia.

Methods Used

Survey/ Questionnaire to assess small business owners’ perception of benefits and impacts of the marine protected area. Regression analysis with results from survey/ questionnaire. Semi-structured interviews. Archival research to evaluate development of public policy regarding marine protected areas


Wakatobi’s previous centrally managed governance system did not impose enough enforcement that was conducive to local livelihood and sustainable environmental protection. Thus, in 2008, the current local governance was established to include and foster community involvement. Despite changes in governance, increased levels of community involvement and NGO presence, accounts of illegal fishing are still present. Assessing small business owners’ perception, levels of income, and time allocation may shed light on local attitudes and perceptions of benefits and impacts of marine protected areas.

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Environmental Public Policy on Indonesian Coastlines


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