How Toyota Can Influence the Profitability of Clean Energy in Oil and Gas Companies


How Toyota Can Influence the Profitability of Clean Energy in Oil and Gas Companies


Research Question

I am going to be involved into an international internship in Toyota and conduct my master's thesis research concerning energy, finance and sustainable development issues at the same time. The internship will be hold in Belgium. Specifically, I have received an internship offer from Toyota, which is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers and a leading global corporation, founded in 1937. The internship will occur in Sales and Planning Division of Toyota Motor Europe in Brussels where I will engage into data-analytical activity of international automotive industry and sustainability of natural resources. Concerning natural resources’ issues, I am going to deepen into my international research with emphasis on determinants of oil and gas companies’ profitability using the following explanatory factors: recent oil prices’ movements, such industry- and firm-specific factors as market concentration, market share and financial risk, and some others. Furthermore, I am also going to include into my model Toyota’s activity in sustainability of natural resources and other companies’ activity with similar approaches to energy efficiency and reduction of emissions. For example, such multinational corporations as Toyota influence the profitability of oil and gas companies both in the USA and Europe by producing emissions-free, hydrogen-powered vehicles, which consume much less petroleum and more electricity.


CGS-SER Nielson International Internship/Fieldwork Grant


This internship will benefit my academic and professional career in a several ways. Firstly, I will immerse into multicultural environment where people share Japanese values: respect and care about each other. Secondly, I will enhance my data-analytical, time-management and organizational skills, which are the primary factors for success in finance career. In addition, by the time I will have returned to the USA to defend the thesis and graduate from my 2nd master's degree, I will be a good candidate for many employers in the USA who engage into data analysis, sustainability of natural resources and energy issues. Finally, I will possess enhanced interpersonal, analytical, writing and critical mind skills in order to choose a career connected to big data in finance or energy related issues.

Methods Used

Principal Component Analysis, Statistical and Regression Analysis.


The internship/research are still in the process.

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How Toyota Can Influence the Profitability of Clean Energy in Oil and Gas Companies


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