Studying Water Quality in Coimbatore District, India


Studying Water Quality in Coimbatore District, India


Research Question

What is the water quality of Sulur Lake at various locations during different months of the year? Is the lake contaminated or does it meet the government regulations? Are the policies monitoring water quality effective based on the results of the samples?


CGS-SER Nielson International Internship/Fieldwork Grant


The significance of this research is that it be an opportunity to collect water samples from various locations of Sulur Lake for personal research, but it can also be used for other scientific studies on topics such as wildlife or human health. The water quality samples I take can be compared to those previously taken to see how water quality changes based on seasons, such as monsoon versus the rest of the year. Another portion of this project will give insight on how well policy actually regulates the quality of water based on the results of the sample analyses. From this research, I will gain firsthand experience of sampling and analysis in a developing country, which will give me more knowledge that I can apply to future work at UW or elsewhere.

Methods Used

1) Water sample collection and analysis

2) Analytical and computational techniques such as geostatistics

3) Studying existing policies that relate to the sustainable use of Sulur Lake


More water samples obtained and analysed, more insight of local policy, and a possible journal article.

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Studying Water Quality in Coimbatore District, India


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