2013 Consumer Issues Conference

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TRACK 1: Innovative Directions in Healthcare

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3-10-2013 11:15 AM

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3-10-2013 12:10 PM

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Rex Gantenbein, Director for WY Center for Rural Health and Research, Dean Bartholomew, M.D., Saratoga WY, and Carol Sednek, MS, FNP, Veterans Administration, Cheyenne, WY and Marta Pieczalska, M.D., Peak Wellness, Cheyenne, WY – "Telehealth Panel: It’s Not New But It’s Time"

2_01_cic2013-gantenbein.pdf (421 kB)
Telehealth: It’s not new, but it’s time, Gantenbein

2_02_cic2013-bartholomew.pdf (395 kB)
Telehealth In The Rural Community: Beam Me Up Scotty!, Bartholomew

2_03_cic2013-sednek-newsletter.pdf (1179 kB)

2_04_cic2013-pieczalska.pdf (214 kB)
Telemedicine, Pieczalska

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Oct 3rd, 11:15 AM Oct 3rd, 12:10 PM

TRACK 1: Innovative Directions in Healthcare