Operator monotone function, f-connection, Operator mean, Relative operator entropy, Tsallis relative operator entropy, Positive linear map.


In this paper, operator inequalities are provided for operator entropies transformed by a strictly positive linear map. Some results by Furuichi et al. [S. Furuichi, K. Yanagi, and K. Kuriyama. A note on operator inequalities of Tsallis relative operator entropy. Linear Algebra Appl., 407:19–31, 2005.], Furuta [T. Furuta. Two reverse inequalities associated with Tsallis relative operator entropy via generalized Kantorovich constant and their applications. Linear Algebra Appl., 412:526–537, 2006.], and Zou [L. Zou. Operator inequalities associated with Tsallis relative operator entropy. Math. Inequal. Appl., 18:401–406, 2015.] are extended. In particular, the obtained inequalities are specified for relative operator entropy and Tsallis relative operator entropy. In addition, some bounds for generalized relative operator entropy are established.



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