Normalized Laplaican spectral radius, Randi\'c energy, Normalized Laplacian spread, Nordhaus-Gaddum type results, Vertex cover number


Let $G=(V,\,E)$ be a simple graph of order $n$ and the normalized Laplacian eigenvalues $\rho_1\geq \rho_2\geq \cdots\geq\rho_{n-1}\geq \rho_n=0$. The normalized Laplacian energy (or Randi\'c energy) of $G$ without any isolated vertex is defined as $$RE(G)=\sum_{i=1}^{n}|\rho_i-1|.$$ In this paper, a lower bound on $\rho_1$ of connected graph $G$ ($G$ is not isomorphic to complete graph) is given and the extremal graphs (that is, the second minimal normalized Laplacian spectral radius of connected graphs) are characterized. Moreover, Nordhaus-Gaddum type results for $\rho_1$ are obtained. Recently, Gutman et al.~gave a conjecture on Randi\'c energy of connected graph [I. Gutman, B. Furtula, \c{S}. B. Bozkurt, On Randi\'c energy, Linear Algebra Appl. 442 (2014) 50--57]. Here this conjecture for starlike trees is proven.



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