Principal Pivot Transform, Schur Complement, Nonnegative Moore-Penrose Inverse, $P_\{dagger}$-matrix, $R_\{dagger}$-matrix, Left Eigenspace, Inheritance Properties.


Extensions of the Schur complement and the principal pivot transform, where the usual inverses are replaced by the Moore-Penrose inverse, are revisited. These are called the pseudo Schur complement and the pseudo principal pivot transform, respectively. First, a generalization of the characterization of a block matrix to be an M-matrix is extended to the nonnegativity of the Moore-Penrose inverse. A comprehensive treatment of the fundamental properties of the extended notion of the principal pivot transform is presented. Inheritance properties with respect to certain matrix classes are derived, thereby generalizing some of the existing results. Finally, a thorough discussion on the preservation of left eigenspaces by the pseudo principal pivot transformation is presented.

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