complete bipartite subgraph, Zarankiewicz problem, signless Laplacian spectral radius


In this paper, we prove two results about the signless Laplacian spectral radius $q(G)$ of a graph $G$ of order $n$ with maximum degree $\Delta$. Let $B_{n}=K_{2}+\overline{K_{n}}$ denote a book, i.e., the graph $B_{n}$ consists of $n$ triangles sharing an edge. The results are the following: (1) Let $1< k\leq l< \Delta < n$ and $G$ be a connected \{$B_{k+1},K_{2,l+1}$\}-free graph of order $n$ with maximum degree $\Delta$. Then $$\displaystyle q(G)\leq \frac{1}{4}[3\Delta+k-2l+1+\sqrt{(3\Delta+k-2l+1)^{2}+16l(\Delta+n-1)}$$ with equality if and only if $G$ is a strongly regular graph with parameters ($\Delta$, $k$, $l$). (2) Let $s\geq t\geq 3$, and let $G$ be a connected $K_{s,t}$-free graph of order $n$ $(n\geq s+t)$. Then $$q(G)\leq n+(s-t+1)^{1/t}n^{1-1/t}+(t-1)(n-1)^{1-3/t}+t-3.$$

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