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Laramie, with its large expansive sagebrush, aspens, conifers and riparian habits is a haven for numerous birds. The waterfowls and shore birds swim and wade in the ponds, rivers and lakes of Laramie. Others like falcons, hawks and eagles soar in Laramie skies looking for food on the ground from their high vantage points. Male sage grouse strut and dance in their leks in an attempt to impress the females. Woodpeckers drill the soft cottonwood trees in their essence to find a nesting place. Outside the Wyoming Hall, a brown creeper clings to the bark of an old conifer, probing for insects with its long decurved bill. And then toward the Library, I am greeted by the songs and calls of house sparrows. The strange and fascinating culture of birders and birding is grounded in a curiosity and passion with the natural world to which I can easily relate to. Through these birds and birding I find beauty in our culture and differences.

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