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Hi, my name is Kelly Herbinson and I created the concept for the map. The theme is undervalued female labor in Wyoming both by nurses and ants. I was startled to learn that Wyoming currently has the widest gender wage gap in the country, and that healthcare was one of the worst affected industries partly because more women hold low paying nursing positions. I decided to juxtapose this problem with the one facing the insect world, the undervalued work of ants. Ants do a significant amount of care-taking for the natural world, and all worker ants are female. I collaborated with artist Jessica Tanguay who designed and illustrated the final map. Hi, I'm Jessica Tanguay and I really enjoyed Kelly's idea of comparing the work of ants and nurses in Laramie. She was interested in an 1800's style that referenced the time period of the first female voter, so I wanted to do something hand drawn, I drew this in colored pencil to get the amount of detail I wanted, and added 1800's style portraits of an ant and a nurse to lend personality to what the map shows.

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Booklet for Female Trouble

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