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There are numerous connections between the University of Wyoming and the American Indian tribes present in this region. In fact, the University is currently in the process of inventorying all of the various ways in which professors, courses, and departments interact with the Wind River Reservation, and reservations in Montana, the Dakota's, Nebraska. But perhaps the reservations more fundamental connections with Laramie come via the students here who called those places home. This map is assembled from data supplied by five current university students. Four of whom come from the Wind River Reservation. And one of whom is originally from the Crow agency in Montana. The Northern Arapahoe, Eastern Shoshoni, Crow, and Lakota tribes are represented among them. Asked what they believed would be important on a native map of Wyoming, these are the places the students chose. The red lines indicate their routes of travel from Laramie to home or other important points. And each label is both self contained and speaks to a deeper story, in some cases a myth, with, perhaps, an unmappable component.

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