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I created saloons and salons as one way of directly subverting the narrative of Laramie as a wild western town, by showing that Laramie has 23 bars, but 34 beauty salons, a contrast to the idea of a hearty, rough and tumble, beer drinking, knee slapping, horse riding, forever west Laramie with Laramie the modern, domesticated, commercial and vain. It confronts viewers with this comparison in order to tell a different story, Laramie the wild and the fabulous. It shows that Laramie, like most towns in the United States, has modernized and adopted the same industries as the rest of the country. I believe that Laramie can't be reduced to a simple stereotype, because communities are inherently complex, especially one like Laramie, that houses the vibrant culture of the University.

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Booklet for Saloons and Salons

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Audio introduction to Saloons and Salons


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