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Laramie began with the arrival of the railroad in 1868 and a succession of transcontinental routes followed, most notably the Lincoln Highway and I-80. The bullet hole in the mirror of the Buckhorn Bar has always seemed emblematic of Laramie, celebrating our outlaw spirit and connection to the wild. In Laramie, we promote our outlaw heritage, while also living with an image ascribed to us by the murder that put Laramie on the modern map. The root meaning of velocity is swift; the root of ferocity is wild. Travis Ivey did the drawing and painting for these maps, his sky captures the beauty and wildness of Wyoming that we love. The train pays tribute to the Union Pacific Railroad that is so much a part of our city's life. In the lead is the locomotive that arrived in 1868, bearing an enormous set of antlers, as if to announce that this were the new beast in the wilderness.

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Booklet for Velocity, Ferocity, and the Gem City

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Audio introduction to Velocity, Ferocity, and the Gem City

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Velocity artwork by Travis Ivey


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