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I want to make a map of things that are hard to nurture in Laramie. Why does it seem like it's hard to find a doctor here? Why are fruit trees so precious to us? Why do so many people in Wyoming seem to hate the affordable care act when folks in rural, underinsured places stand to benefit the most from insurance reform. What does it mean when the one full-service hospital in town is supposed to try and earn a profit? I wondered what it would look like if a map of the apple and crabapple trees in Laramie was overlaid with a map of doctors offices and health care facilities. Would we see a different Laramie? What does it mean that Laramie had more doctors per capita in 1870 than it does now? What does it mean, if anything, that I was not allowed access to information that would have allowed me to map Laramie's oldest heirloom apple trees, the ones that produce the sweetest fruit? Those trees are like the queens of the Gem City, aged, stubborn, barely hanging on. What does it say about us in high and dry Wyoming when we keep the things we love the most to ourselves?

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