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Inversion of a new data set of teleseismic P-wave travel-times from three PASSCAL seismic deployments around the Yellowstone hotspot reveals a 100 km diameter upper mantle plume that extends from the Yellowstone volcanic caldera to 500 km depth and dips 20 degrees to the northwest. A monotonic decrease in the velocity perturbation of the plume from -3.2% at 100 km to -0.9% at 450 km is consistent with a uniform thermal anomaly of 180 degrees C. Where the plume crosses the 410 km discontinuity, previous research shows a depression in the 410 km discontinuity consistent with a warm plume ( Fee and Dueker, 2004). Additionally, a region of high velocities extends to 250 km beneath the Wind River basin in NW Wyoming that may represent a convective downwelling of the lithosphere.

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Geophysical Research Letters




An edited version of this paper was published by AGU. Copyright 2005 American Geophysical Union.

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