Date of Award

Fall 5-6-2018

Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Micheal Barker


In a mock project for Civil Engineering Senior Design Course, the infrastructure of Laramie, Wyoming is currently inadequate to accommodate future business opportunities and population growth. North Laramie is primarily a residential district with limited minor roads for residents to access Laramie business districts. This project focuses on a proposed minor arterial and development area to service the residential district in North Laramie and allow for future expansion. This alternate route will provide easy access points for truck traffic and business deliveries to North Laramie and the development area. The route will connect with Welsh Lane on the west near I-80, travel east across the Laramie River, connect with existing roads, continue east through the proposed development area and eventually turn south to connect with Grand Avenue at Vista Dr.

In the mock design project, the City of Laramie contracted Archimedes Engineering to design the minor arterial roadway. The scope of the project includes: a bridge and foundation design for crossing the Laramie River; traffic volume analyses; intersection and road alignment designs; pavement design; and hydrologic analyses of the development area for a detention pond and a drainage area for a storm water culvert design. The Archimedes Engineering team included seven members selected from the sub-disciplines of structural, water resources, transportation, and geotechnical engineering. Archimedes Engineering employed standard engineering practices to provide a safe, effective, and efficient route to service the future expansion of North Laramie.