This collection of immigrant oral histories derives from an upper division University of Wyoming History Department course on immigration history from 1850 to the present (American Encounters from 1850: HIST 4406/5506). Undergraduate and graduate students identified an immigrant to the United States to interview, conducted an oral history interview, and wrote an analysis paper connecting the individual immigrant experience to general theories and concepts dealing with immigration history. Interviews run approximately one hour and interviewees come from all parts of the globe. The majority of those interviewed either lived in Wyoming or the Rocky Mountain West for a period of their lives.


Submissions from 2014


Interview with Franz-Peter Griesmaier, Jordan D. Garcia


Interview with Geoffrey Buck, Jamie Gooch


Interview with Carol Lipply, Chandler Harris


Interview with Regien Hasperhoven, Taylor Hobart

Interview with Uffe Janus, Jesus Martinez


Interview with Irma Munoz, Nicholas A. Munoz


Interview with Ksenijia Marozava, Jordan Norviel


Interview with David Democ, Kendra Shamley

Submissions from 2013

Interview with Morgane Vandendoren, Andrew Holcomb

Interview with Keivan H. Monfared, Kevin McDougall

Submissions from 2011

Interview with Ali Saddam Hamodi, Chris Birch

Interview with Jin Kyoung Lee, Kenneth Johnson

Interview with Jeremy Warhen, Codie LA Murphy