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We report magnetotransport and weak localization effects in island-like thin copper films. The samples show significant negative magnetoresistance ~NMR! when a perpendicular magnetic field (H'.0.25 T) is applied. When the field is parallel to the film, the samples also show NMR for Hi.2.5 T, below which positive magnetoresistance ~PMR! is found. The temperature dependence of the resistivity and NMR in both perpendicular and parallel fields are due to the weak localization effect in the two-dimensional ~2D! system. The observation of NMR in the parallel field is in agreement with Altshuler and Aronov’s prediction @B. L. Altschuler and A. G. Aronov, Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz. Pis’ma Red. 33, 515 ~1981!#. The PMR observed at low field is analyzed mainly in terms of the spin–orbit scattering, although other mechanisms may also be possible. It is suggested that the island-like geometry can significantly affect the localization and magnetotransport in 2D metallic films. © 2002 American Institute of Physics.




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