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Political violence has many different definitions and occurs in many places in the world, but Africa is a hotbed for violence. Violence in Africa ranges from Islamic extremists to decades old ethnic conflicts. A good number of the modern genocides since World War II have occurred there. The Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered through a genocide during the last few decades, but receives very little attention from the international community. Some of this lack of attention is due to other genocides in Africa, in Rwanda and Darfur. The other reason for lack of attention to the genocide in the Congo is because the U.N. has turned its head the other way not wanting to recognize that it has failed to prevent a genocide that has killed over 5 million people.[1] Regardless of the little attention on the Congo, the turmoil in Rwanda and Darfur has spilled over into the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This turmoil highlights much of the political strife widespread in Africa and explains the various kinds of violence that have engulfed the continent.

[1] Sudarsan, Raghavan, “In volatile Congo, a new U.N. force with teeth,” The Washington Post, November 3, 2013.


POLS 4600 Final Project