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Building science literacy through inquiry-based exploration and hands-on experiences empowers students to problem solve and think critically about current issues facing the scientific community. It gives them tools to successfully navigate and interact positively with their local ecosystem and community. Further, it allows them to observe the natural and social world, draw conclusions based on evidence, and make informed and productive decisions.

This unit will give students the opportunity to explore the diversity of life found within the sagebrush ecosystem. They will explore this landscape through scientific and historical land use lenses. Students will build capacity in scientific inquiry skills through observations and conducting field investigations of the multiple patterns and processes that make up this unique ecosystem by using the landscape equation as a model. They will be encouraged and challenged to participate and influence their peers as they practice analytical reasoning skills and make deep connections to the sagebrush ecosystem in which they live.

Publication Date

Spring 1-1-2016


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Science and Mathematics Education

Sagebrush Unit Overview