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This lesson is an inquiry of breaking down the components of a landscape through the lens of an equation. Students will gain knowledge about the interdependent relationships between the abiotic, biotic and cultural components of a landscape in order to lead them to a deeper understanding of an ecosystem as a whole. Students will use observation skills to group and categorize objects in order to lead them to deciphering the landscape equation. Through hands-on activities and group work students will have the opportunity to understand the components of a landscape, learn new scientific vocabulary, create a model that demonstrates the interconnected relationships and describes the movement between these components, and begin to think about how humans play a role. These skills and hands on learning activities are significant in leading students to a deeper understanding of their local landscape; the sagebrush ecosystem.

Publication Date

Spring 1-3-2016


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Science and Mathematics Education

Lesson 2: The Landscape Equation