The Limits of Decentralized Justice?: Reassessing Northern Ireland’s Transitional Justice Strategy

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With the support of the SJRC, I carried out a four-week period of field work in Northern Ireland during Spring 2013. The primary focus of my fieldwork was to draw on a wide range of contacts already established in Northern Ireland to coordinate and conduct a series of 30 qualitative expert interviews with select academics, government officials, civil society representatives, and non-governmental community leaders best able to provide insight into the current and future impacts expected for intercommunity reconciliation from existing decentralized justice strategies. Interviewees were also asked questions regarding their assessment of the feasibility of adopting a more coordinated and centralized justice process in Northern Ireland. For the purposes of my research, I was based on primarily in the cities of Belfast and Derry/Londonderry that provided ready access to majority of my interview subjects. It was anticipated that my finding built on work begun in my forthcoming book with "Press A " (2013) to form the basis for two new press-reviewed journal articles.

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