Date of Award

Spring 2016

Document Type

Masters Plan B


Science & Mathematics Teaching Center


Steven Locke, Chair

Second Advisor

Scott Chamberlin, Member

Third Advisor

Martin Agran, Outside Member

Fourth Advisor

Kevin Krasnow, External Member


This study was conducted to explore the impacts of Teton Science Schools’ field education programs on visiting teachers. It was conducted to specifically investigate the impacts on teachers’ beliefs and practices about place-based education. A review of the literature indicates that there is a gap in current research about the effects of residential education programs on visiting teachers. Qualitative and quantitative data were gathered to enhance the understanding of how Teton Science Schools’ field education programs impact visiting teachers. The data suggest that participants demonstrated increased use of several place-based education practices with increasing visits to Teton Science Schools. A greater appreciation and understanding of place-based education was also emphasized by participants as an outcome of their visit. In addition, the study discusses teachers’ challenges and limitations of implementing place-based education practices in their classrooms. Recommendations for how Teton Science Schools can support visiting teachers’ future implementation of place-based education practices are discussed.