Date of Award

Spring 2017

Document Type

Masters Plan B


Dr. Ana Houseal, Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Myron Allen, Outside Member

Third Advisor

Dr. Kate Welsh, Member

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Doug Wachob, Member


I created a literature based, context-adapted evaluation tool at the University of Wyoming for the Outdoor Leadership Development Series (OLDS) of the Outdoor Program (UWOP). I developed this summative survey to assess the outcome of the OLDS program’s learning objectives, filling a need for programmatic evaluation and assessment. The survey anonymously evaluates participant attitudes and skills regarding community and relationship building, technical skills development, exposure to the natural environment, leadership, and general programmatic assessment. I worked closely with the UWOP to build and pilot a user-friendly evaluation specific to their needs that will be implemented by UWOP staff in the future.