Star Wars Literature Class Projects

“Always pass on what you have learned…” - Yoda

This project was conceived by Dr. Ryan Croft in his ENGL 4640: Digital Humanities course. Students in this course were tasked with creating video essays—or “holocrons”—that explore the deep connections between Star Wars and medieval and Renaissance literature. These forays into film and literary criticism were created with the Fair Use Exemption and are intended for educational use in high school and college classrooms.


In Star Wars, a holocron or holographic chronicle is a crystalline information storage device capable of projecting holograms for the purpose of teaching young Jedi or Sith the ways of the Force.

The video essays contained in this archive serve a similar purpose, in that they teach students about the links between Star Wars and literature, especially medieval literature. By sharing these holocrons with their students, English teachers can encourage discussion about the literary texts they are reading, while also illustrating the continued influence of these early texts on today's popular culture.

Just like holocrons carry ancient information in a futuristic device, so do these videos blend old and new in examining the literary roots of Star Wars.


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