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This report concerns the current investigation of selected environmental factors on numbers of pocket gophers (Thomomys talpoides) in Pelican Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The study is being supported by the University of Wyoming/National Park Service Research Center. I wish to express my appreciation to the following individuals for their contributions to the study: Dr. Robert Moore, Montana State University, who directed the study and aided in the preparation of this report; Drs. Gerald Nielsen, Clifford Montagne, and Lawrence Munn, Montana State University, for aid in classification and analysis of soil from the study area; Drs. James Bradbury and William Dorgan, Montana State University, for aid in identification of placental scars; Dr. Theodore Weaver, Montana State University, for aid in analysis of vegetation data; Roger Rudolph, Sub-district Ranger, for cooperation and assistance in the field.