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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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This work being conducted on the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA) has two primary goals, each of which contains two specific objectives. The first major goal is to characterize the vegetation communities of the NRA. Specific objectives are to (1) develop a cover-type vegetation classification, and (2) prepare a map of these vegetation units, for the NRA. The second major goal is to seek relict examples of the range of vegetation types defined under the first goal. Specific objectives are to (1) develop a list of known and potential relict areas in the NRA, and (2) inspect and obtain quantitative descriptions of as many of these areas as possible. Identification of relict areas in the Glen Canyon NRA will provide places for basic scientific research in unaltered ecosystems. Further, such areas have value for the applied sciences of resource management, by defining the productive potentials of ecosystems. Relict areas are also reference points for guiding the reclamation of disturbed areas. The latter two points are especially important in the NRA, given that grazing and some minerals activity still occur there.