Volume 12 (1988) 12th Annual Report, 1988

Front Matter


Front Matter and Table of Contents
University of Wyoming National Park Service Research Center

Summary of Research Activities

Research Bibliography

National Park Service Areas

Badlands National Park

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Dinosaur National Monument

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Elk Movements, Habitat use, and Population Dynamics in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Lynn R. Irby, Clayton B. Marlow, Harold D. Picton, and Jerry A. Westfall

Zion National Park


Vegetation Communities of Zion National Park
Kimball T. Harper, Stewart C. Sanderson, E. Durant McArthur, and Joel S. Tuhy

Bryce Canyon National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Capitol Reef National Park


A Vegetation Study of Capitol Reef National Park
Kenneth D. Heil, Rich Fleming, J. Mark Porter, and William H. Romme

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

Wind Cave National Park


Water Budget for Wind and Jewel Caves
E. Calvin Alexander, Jr. and Marsha A. Davis

Grand Teton National Park Reports


Field Metabolic Rates and Cohort Analysis in Microtine Rodents
Norman C. Negus, Patricia J. Berger, and Aelita J. Pinter


Giardia and Other Parasites of Small Mammals in Grand Teton National Park
William D. O'Dell, Raychel A. Watkins, and Aelita J. Pinter


Pathogenic Naegleria from Thermal Springs
William D. O'Dell and Robert F. Ramaley

Yellowstone National Park Reports


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Download 12th Annual Report