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Grand Teton National Park Report

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This is a progress report on the research of the University of Utah project: "Earthquake Hazards of The Grand Teton National Park Emphasizing The Teton Fault", to date, 31 December, 1989. The research objectives during 1989 focussed on: 1) excavation of a trench across the Teton fault to determine the age and amount of displacement associated with prehistoric ground breaking earthquakes; 2) collection of paleomagnetic samples of Huckleberry Ridge tuff along an E-W transect across the northern end of the Teton range to assess deformation associated with the Teton fault; 3) mapping and surveying of two study areas along the fault to evaluate the geomorphic expression of the fault; 4) surveying a detailed topographic and gravity profile across the valley from String Lake to the Snake River to evaluate deformation of the valley floor and to help constrain modeling of the subsurface fault geometry, 5) continuing the study of expected fault motion of the Teton fault based on our previous results, 6) mapping of the northern extent of the Teton fault zone, and 7) assisting the NPS with interpretations and use of our data for management and interpretational purposes.