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Yellowstone National Park Report

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Fifteen healthy coyotes (Canis latrans) were captured from 25 September through 25 October 1989 in the Lamar Valley and Blacktail Plateau areas of the northern range of Yellowstone National Park. Six males and nine females weighed an average of 14.1 kg. Only three of the 15 captured were six months-old which suggests low population productivity. After six weeks of radio-tracking all 15 were in the general vicinity of capture. Initially, 7-8 appear to be alpha breeding adults. Pack size appears large and initial minimum counts averaged four adults per group. Pilot studies of direct visual observation and fixed-station radio-telemetry appear very promising. Sixty-five miles of scat-survey transects have been laid out and plans to capture 15 more coyotes at carcasses in specific areas are underway.