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Dinosaur National Monument

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Dinosaur National Monument (DINO) encompasses an area that has rocks with a high potential for preservation of vertebrate trace fossils, especially dinosaur tracks. The purpose of this research is to document the presence, type, and distribution of vertebrate trace fossils in Mesozoic rocks exposed in DINO. These rocks include the Moenkopi Formation, Chinle/Popo Agie Formation, Glen Canyon Sandstone, Carmel Formation, Entrada Sandstone, Morrison Formation, Cedar Mountain Formation, Dakota Formation, and Frontier Formation. This study will increase our knowledge of the stratigraphic and geographic distribution of vertebrate tracks as well as provide taxonomic, behavioral, and paleoenvironmental data. During the 1990 field season, reconnaissance of the western part of DINO revealed the presence of vertebrate trace fossils in the Chinle/Popo Agie Formation. In addition, our examination of the Moenkopi Formation suggests that vertebrate tracks are probably present in this unit. Locality information was also obtained for probable track-sites in the Carmel Formation, Entrada Sandstone, and Morrison Formation.