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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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This report covers the first half of a project dealing with establishment of field study plots to guide reclamation of disturbed areas in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and comparable sites. Unpredictable weather in the current drought cycle has required the rescheduling of field work to coincide with favorable soil moisture conditions. In April, 1990, study sites were established in two locations; near Paige, AZ and Hall's Crossing, UT. The site at Paige was ripped prior to planting, and the site at Hall's Crossing was located on fill over a dump area. At each site, 8 replications of 4 planting treatments involving 10 native species of grasses, forbs and shrubs were set out. Treatments were designed to create optimal conditions for establishment; including seeding with a mulch cover, transplanting of container-grown plants, planting into a small water collecting basin, and planting into a basin plus receiving a slow-release fertilizer pellet and a water retaining soil amendment. Tasks remaining are replanting some plants in March, 1991, gathering plant establishment data in March, and completing a literature review on land revegetation under arid conditions.