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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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Description of the ecological niche feral horses fill in Theodore Roosevelt National Park requires information on reproductive rates, home range size, individual and band affinity to home ranges, food and shelter requirements and seasonal diets. Therefore, the initial objectives will be to: 1. identify the number, size and location of home ranges for harem and bachelor stallion bands; 2. describe daily and seasonal movements of bands within identified home ranges; 3. describe the vegetation habitat types and landform types used by horses for mating, foaling, foraging, and resting cover; 4. describe seasonal horse diets; and 5. collect data on sex, age and social hierarchy within respective bands to facilitate estimation of horse population growth rates. Ultimately, this information will be used to accomplish the project goal; integrate horse requirements with those of elk, bison and the Park's vegetation communities to determine the large ungulate carrying capacity of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.