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Collections and measurements were made in August 1990 at the same site locations as in 1988 and 1989 (Table 1). All the information specified in our research proposal for year 1990 was obtained except for some transport and water chemistry samples. These data are being incorporated with data collected in 1988 and 1989 for evaluation of temporal trends. The status of the various measurements and sample collections is given in Table 2. All of the physical and chemical determinations have been completed through the tabulation stage and initial statistical or graphical data analysis. Also note that water chemical analyses are less complete than previous years with only alkalinity, hardness, specific conductance, pH, nitrogen and phosphorus being analyzed in 1990 due to funding restrictions. The processing of all periphyton samples (as chlorophyll a and AFDM, N=110) is complete. All collected organic matter transport samples (as CPOM and FPOM, N=80) have been processed and categorized for organic matter type.