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American marten (Martes americana) use primarily old growth coniferous habitat (Bateman 1986, Raine 1983, Soutiere 1979, Steventon and Major 1982). However, habitat use may vary by season (Steventon and Major 1982, Koehler and Hornocker 1977, Wynne and Sherburne 1984). In summer, marten use of non-forested areas to forage for fruits and berries has been documented (Soutiere 1979, Steventon and Major 1982). While there is some seasonal variation in habitat use, all authors agree that old growth is the core habitat required by marten. During winter, marten tend to remain in mature coniferous forests and will seldom cross open areas greater than 100m wide (Steventon and Major 1982, Soutiere 1979). Winter appears to be the most critical period for marten survival (Zielinski et al. 1983, Buskirk 1984).