Volume 16 (1992) 16th Annual Report, 1992

Feature Article

Front Matter


Front Matter and Table of Contents
Glenn E. Plumb and Henry J. Harlow

Multi-Park Studies


Biogeography of Mammals in Rocky Mountain National Parks
Susan M. Glenn, Ian Butler, Brian Chapman, and Rebecca Rudman


Biogeography of Invertebrates in Hanging Gardens of the Colorado Plateau
Nancy L. Stanton, Steven J. Buskirk, and James F. Fowler

Badlands National Park

Devil's Tower National Monument


Population and Habitat Ecology of Deer on Devils Tower National Monument
Greg W. McDaniel, Evelyn H. Merrill, and Fred G. Lindzey

Dinosaur National Monument

Fossil Butte National Monument

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Mesa Verde National Park

Natural Bridges National Monument

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Zion National Park


Ash Yellows in Zion National Park: Impact, Identity of Pathogen, Mode of Spread, and Prospects for Management
Wayne A. Sinclair, Helen M. Griffiths, Michael Treshow, and Robert E. Davis

Bryce Canyon National Park

Grand Teton National Park Reports


Seasonal Variation in the Dietary Preferences of the Montane Vole, Microtus montanus
Aelita J. Pinter, Norman C. Negus, and Patricia J. Berger


Opportunistic Courtship Feeding in Sagebrush Crickets
Scott K. Sakaluk, Patricia J. Bangert, Lars V. Swanson, and Anne-Katrin Eggert

Yellowstone National Park Reports


Landscape-Level Interactions Among Ungulates, Vegetation, and Large-Scale Fires in Northern Yellowstone National Park
Monica G. Turner, Yegang Wu, Scott M. Pearson, William H. Romme, and Linda L. Wallace

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Download 16th Annual Report