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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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At Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA) a number of disturbed sites require revegetation for aesthetic reasons and to maintain their natural appearace as part of the setting expected of a National Park or Recreation Area. Old road ways, decommissioned service areas, construction sites and bare areas characterize such sites. The purpose of thie project is (1) to conduct a literature review of revegetation reports pertinent to the climate and conditions of GCNRA and, (2) to extabllish two revegetation study areas at sites selected in consultation with NPS. Revegetation is necessary for functional reasons: 1) to prevent soil erosion and maintain or support the ecological balance of functioning ecosystems adjacent to the disturbed areas, and 2) to restore natural functions such as nutrient cycling, hydrology, soil stability and plant growth of the sites. Two of these sites were chosen as the location for revegetation tests.