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Yellowstone National Park Report

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Fifteen permanent bench marks were established east and south of the existing 22 km-long line of 50 bench marks across the Teton normal fault in Grand Teton National Park to compare height changes of Jackson Hole relative to the Teton Range on the west and Shadow Mountain on the east. The new bench marks, together with three other agency bench marks and three temporary bench marks, constitute a 7. 8 km-long extension to the existing line tied to the old line at bench mark GT01. The new bench marks were precisely leveled between 30 August and 5 September 1994. Misclosure of the double-run survey was 0.86 mm, thus the precision of the total survey is 1 part in 10 million. If the misclosure is simply spread equally among the (n-1) bench marks, then the probable error associated with the relative height of a single bench mark is effectively zero.