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Grand Teton National Park Report

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This short report is the summary of the 120 page complete report describing the trophic status evaluation of seventeen lakes located in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, The study was motivated by concern that the water quality of the lakes within the park may be declining due to increased human usage over the past several years. The trophic status evaluation, featuring nutrient and chorophyll-a analyses, was chosen becuase it is believed to be a sound indicator of the lakes' overall water quality. The literature review proved unsuccessful in finding any trophic status studies which had been previously conducted on the Teton lakes. As a result, it was not possible to identify any changes in water quality over time. Therefore, this report may serve as a guideline with which future studies may be compared. The seventeen lakes selected for the study were grouped according to their elevation and location within the Park. The groups and their respective lakes are as follows: Mountain Lakes; Amphitheater, Lake of the Crags, Delta, Holly, Solitude, and Surprise, Moraine Lakes; Bradley, Jenny, Leigh, Phelps, String, and Taggart, Valley Lakes; Christian Pond, Emma Matilda, and Two Ocean, and Colter Bay Lakes; Cygnet Pond and Swan Lake .