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Only a brief summary of the results can be presented at this time as the data are still being analyzed. Mitigation was completed on the reconstruction of the Mammoth Water System, Yellowstone National Park. The system begins at the intake at the confluence of Indian Creek and the Gardner River. The pipeline runs into Mammoth Hot Springs. Our field research consisted of the recording of cultural resources, test excavations at 50 meter intervals along the pipeline, and the excavation of the Bear Claw site (48YE504). The latter produced a range of projectile point types suggesting intermittent occupations of the site back to at least 7000 B.P. Also recovered were parts of a butchered elk (Cervus canadensis) in association with obsidian tools. Eventually, we will be able to obtain obsidian hydration dates from these tools and hence some minimal data concerning the temporal duration of elk in northern Yellowstone Park.