Volume 22 (1998) 22nd Annual Report, 1998

Feature Article

Front Matter


Front Matter and Table of Contents
Henry J. Harlow and Maryanne Harlow

Grand Teton National Park Reports


Precambrian Geologic Evolution of the Teton Range, Western Wyoming
Kevin R. Chamberlain, B. Ron Frost, and Carol D. Frost


Body Mass and Lipid Changes by Hibernating Reproductive and Nonreproductive Black Bears
Henry J. Harlow, Thomas Lohuis, Daniel B. Tinker, Ronald G. Grogan, and Thomas D.I. Beck

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Reports


Neonatal Mortality of Elk in Areas With and Without Grizzly Bears
Bruce L. Smith, Katherine C. McFarland, Fred G. Lindzey, and Elizabeth S. Williams


Captures and Recaptures of Small Mammals to Assess Responses to Fire in a Coniferous Forest in the Greater Yellowstone Area
N. L. Stanton, R. S. Seville, S. W. Buskirk, S. L. Miller, D. R. Spildie, and J. F. Fowler

Yellowstone National Park Reports

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