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Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Report

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This is a report of the results of amphibian surveys conducted in Yellowstone (YELL) and Grand Teton (GRTE) national parks and the J. D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway (JODR) in the summer of 2002. Work was financially supported by the USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (USGS-ARMI) and the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program (NPS­ I&M). YELL and GRTE provided multiple forms of logistic support including permits, boat transport, loan of radios, and field crew lodging. This report is intended to satisfy the NPS-I&M contract requirement for an annual and cumulative progress report. An initial progress report was prepared last year (Patla and Peterson 2002); a final report will be submitted to NPS by February 2004. This report will be provided to the GRYN I&M office, YELL and GRTE, and ARMI. For more information, contact Chuck Peterson (petechar@isu.edu). This report contains three sections covering the three project components: systematic surveys, targeted species surveys, and the Lodge Creek Columbia Spotted Frog monitoring site. Each section includes background information, methods, results and discussion. An updated list of herpetofauna species follows the targeted species section. A relational database submitted on a CD with this report provides data documenting sampling events and findings. We also are providing digital photographs of sites visited and voucher photos, and ArcView GIS themes depicting the locations of sites and amphibian/reptile records.