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Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Report

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Allometric equations for estimating above­ and belowground biomass of lodgepole pine have been developed in Alberta, Canada, southeastern British Columbia, southeastern WY, and in Washington and Oregon (Johnstone 1971; Comeau and Kimmins 1989; Pearson et al. 1984; Gholz et al. 1979, respectively). More recently, allometric equations for young lodgepole pine saplings have also been developed in Yellowstone National Park (YNP) for aboveground biomass by Turner et al. (2004), and for belowground biomass by Litton et al. (2003). However, because of variability in latitude, growing conditions, substrate and climate, existing equations that predict biomass for mature lodgepole pine trees are not appropriate for use in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE), and new allometric equations specific for the GYE are needed. In this study, we will develop new allometric equations for predicting above- and belowground biomass in mature lodgepole pine forests of the GYE.