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Grand Teton National Park Report

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This project described and explained the pattern of slope failures (falls, slides, flows, snow avalanches) and the shape of valley cross-profiles in five canyons of Grand Teton National Park. Shapefiles were created in ArcMap 9.3 for slope failures using existing data sets plus newly mapped failures. Valley cross-profiles were prepared for 44 locations in the canyons using digital elevation models (DEMs). The distribution of slope failures were found to be related, to various degrees, to slope aspect, distance from the Teton Fault, rock mass strength, Schmidt rock hammer values, and slope gradient. Shape files were generated that show sections of hiking trails and camping zones that have been impacted by past events. Valley cross-profiles are best represented by a parabolic curve, and the value of the coefficient in the equation describing those curves is related to Schmidt rock hammer values and rock type. These findings have direct implications for backcountry recreation in the canyons and for visitor interpretation of canyon scenery.