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During summer 2011, the University of Wyoming American Studies Program offered “Field Studies in Historic Preservation: Preparing a Preservation Treatment Guide for the Historic AMK Ranch.” This 3-credit, upper-level undergraduate course introduced students to the process of documenting and assessing the condition of historic buildings and developing treatment protocols. The majority of the course was devoted to inspecting buildings, interviewing property managers, researching solutions to common problems and writing a “Preservation Treatment Guide” for use by National Park Service and University of Wyoming personnel. Students also studied log building maintenance and repair at other historic sites within Grand Teton National Park and conducted experiments and demonstrations at the AMK Ranch. Through this field course, students were given the opportunity to assist in fulfilling a contract with the National Park Service and to learn about how the park manages its historic and cultural resources. The course was taught by University of Wyoming Research Scientist Mary Humstone, with assistance from building conservation specialist Harrison Goodall of Langley, Washington, and Grand Teton National Park Cultural Resource Specialist Katherine Longfield